When National Park Wildlife Sends You Running For Cover

Apr 10, 2019

When National Park Wildlife Sends You Running For Cover

Complete the sentence, “When national park wildlife sends you running for cover, . . ..”

  1. Hope that nobody saw you ogling, throwing pebbles, and approaching the calf moose whose protective mama stood fifty feet away, behind the brush.  The public shame and penalties from Park Rangers can be significant. You would likely be banned from any of the gorgeous national parks, and if the cow moose became injured in chasing you, you could be jailed and/or fined.
  2. Rethink this vacation while you fear for your life, but ruminating over “Who talked me into this?” won’t help you now.
  3. Jump in your truck, lock the doors, but leave the darn handgun in the jockey box.
  4. Tackle your child and cover him up, salvaging some dignity with your kid who can never know how Dad caused the moose monster to want to kill you.
  5. Remember your high school track days, and try to duplicate them.  Now half that of the sprinter speed of your glory days, but it may do the trick if you find the forest bathroom before the charging moose knocks you, crumpled and concussed, into the second stall.
  6. Scamper into your family’s tent, and act nonchalant when your wife asks why you’re breathing so hard.  “Oh, just getting a little exercise,” you utter. Then you hear the moose kicking and head-butting your car.  Your kids scream, and the moose fixes her eyes directly to the tent. Your wife grabs some little hands and commands, “Come on.  Let’s go!” Out the backdoor of the tent you rush and up the nearest tree. All five family members are clinging to branches for dear life, hoping the moose gets exhausted from trying to destroy the car and walks away.  She does.
  7. You obviously upset him with the animal whistle you so cleverly thought to bring.
  8. Your decision to stray off the hiking trail with your dog and into the forested wilderness was a terrible one.  Let go of the dog leash, and run as you’ve never run before. Your dog is agile and quick enough to escape on its own, but you’re probably not.  If the dog thinks it can fight the moose, be prepared to call a veterinarian hospital.
  9. Pick up a tree branch to defend yourself.  When the moose breaks it in half like a toothpick, drop it and run like a chicken with its head still on.
  10. And you claim you did absolutely nothing to provoke it, you still have to run like Forest Gump.

National park wildlife is plentiful, beautiful, and dangerous.  Badgers, coyotes, hawks, herons, bear, deer, elk, moose, porcupine, snakes, skunks are just some of the critters in our national parks.  Seeing a cougar or mountain sheep from a distance is great fun, and you may even want to photograph them for some memories or stunning wall pictures in your home.  But, if you disobey park rules by wandering off trails, teasing, or approaching national park wildlife, you may find yourself running for cover.  Please don’t put your life and that of the animals in jeopardy.  “Respect and avoid” are the watchwords.

When National Park Wildlife Sends You Running For Cover

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