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Cycling is an excellent way to enjoy Zion National Park. There are several outfitters that offer manual and electric bike (e-bike) rentals – both of which are allowed in the park in the following designated areas:

  • Pa’rus Trail
  • Zion Canyon Scenic Drive
  • Kolob Canyons Road*
  • Kolob Terrace Road*

*Note: these routes entail very difficult riding conditions. 

You need to follow cycling best practices everywhere you ride, but especially so in Zion and Springdale since biking traffic is high. Remember:

  • All traffic signals, including stop signs, apply to cyclists as well. Make sure you abide as you ride.
  • Pedestrians AND wildlife have the right of way. Stop, signal, and kindly communicate when passing.
  • Shuttles treat cyclists as vehicles. They will not pass unless the cyclist pulls over and makes a complete stop. Stop for all shuttles to pass. Be mindful of this and prioritize the flow of traffic as needed.
  • You CANNOT ride a bike of any kind through Zion Mount Carmel Tunnel.