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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about Zion National Park, such as whether you can bring your dog or how to hike the Subway safely.

Q. Can I bring my dog to Zion National Park?

A. The only sections of Zion National Park open to pets are the campgrounds and the Pa’rus Trail. Other than those areas, pets are not allowed. 

Q. What does it take to hike the Subway?

A. A permit issued by Zion is required to enter the Subway, and a strong canyoneering skill set might be necessary depending on which of two directions you choose: Top-Down or Bottom-Up. 

Top-Down is a canyoneering route that requires knowledge and experience, as well as the gear for it. It is a dangerous trail without the proper skills and should not be attempted unless accompanied by someone who knows what they are doing. Water levels in the slot canyon fluctuate throughout the year, but several deeper pools of water are usually present and require you to fully submerge in water. Dry bags are recommended to protect valuables like cameras and phones. The route begins at the Wildcat Canyon Trailhead and exits at the Left Fork Trailhead.

Bottom-Up is far less technical, and only requires hiking and scrambling skills. There are lots of boulders to navigate and the trail can be extremely uneven and broken up in the bottom half. The trail follows the creek in the bottom of a steep ravine and crisscrosses the creek many times. Water levels in the creek fluctuate throughout the year but generally you should only have to get wet from the knees down. The route begins and ends at the Left Fork Trailhead.

Q. Do I need a permit to hike Angels Landing?

A. Yes. As of April 1, 2022, everyone who hikes Angels Landing is required to have a permit. This requirement was put in place in response to concerns about crowding and congestion on the trail. The pilot permit program reflects lessons learned when the park measured the number of hikers on the trail in 2019 and 2021 and determined that more in-depth traffic control would be required to promote the highest levels of visitor safety. Learn more about Angels Landing permits.

Q. Do I need a permit for The Narrows?

A. Yes and no. Most visitors to Zion only hike three miles up The Narrows from the bottom, accessing the water route from Riverside Walk and the Temple of Sinawava, which doesn’t require a permit. The top-down, 16+-mile top-down hike from Chamberlin’s Ranch does require a permit. 

Q. Is the park shuttle free?

A. Yes. The shuttle is provided with Zion National Park entrance fees. 

Q. Is there a bus or shuttle from St. George to Zion?

A. There is not a dedicated shuttle from St. George to Zion National Park. However, various shuttle services and other transportation options are available across Greater Zion. 

Q. Are The Narrows always in danger of a flash flood?

A. No. As long as the weather is clear of rain, there is not a high risk of flash floods. Check the weather forecast the day of your hike and make sure no rain is forecasted for the entire area around The Narrows. Often, flash floods are caused by rain in the area that fills streams and rivers with runoff. 

Q. How many days should I spend in Zion National Park?

A. It has been said that 4-7 days is the ideal length of stay to fully enjoy Zion National Park.

When visiting Zion National Park it’s important to have a basic itinerary in place to maximize your time in the park. The town of Springdale, which you drive through to get the park entrance, is worthy of one-two days on its own. Explore the various gift shops, restaurants, and local events to help support a tourism-driven town.

Depending on where you plan on staying while visiting Zion National Park, there is a lot to do and see while staying at your hotel or campground. Plan on one to two days staying near the site in which you are sleeping/staying to enjoy the majestic scenery or activities provided the lodging provider.

Since hiking is a major draw for most people coming to Zion National Park it’s suggested to spend two-three days enjoying all of the wonderful hikes Zion has to offer.