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Explore Springdale

The arms of Zion National Park wrap around the entire town of Springdale, immersing you in the park while you’re within walking distance of restaurants, art galleries, gift shops, and the scenery itself. A free shuttle system runs the two-mile length of the town, connecting with the Zion Park shuttle. You can be in Zion National Park within five minutes of leaving your hotel. 

The small town (with a population of 553) has long been the gateway to Zion. While Springdale is surrounded by startling colors and reverent landscapes, it’s also a friendly, welcoming place that hosts over 4 million visitors annually from around the world. They have created an exceptional space for people to marvel at Zion’s wonders and natural beauty before even entering the park. 

Springdale is a master when it comes to the art of hosting and a leader when it comes to the science of preservation. They have taken extensive steps to ensure there is a healthy balance between accommodating visitors and maintaining the beautiful environment. Given their proximity to the park, it’s only natural that they serve as gatekeepers and stewardship champions. Learn more about how you can follow their example and be a good steward here