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Hiking Permits

Some locations in Zion National Park are only accessible with permits to promote visitor safety and protect the delicate areas of the park. Requiring hiking permits to access areas such as The Subway and Angels Landing helps make every person aware of potential risks and the necessary gear and skills required for undertaking that route. Without proper preparation, visitors could become injured, stuck, or too overwhelmed to continue. If you are considering a permitted route, do your homework on what is needed to safely enjoy that area. 

Wilderness Permits at Zion National Park

Apply for wilderness permits for activities like canyoneering and backcountry camping online using or in-person at a Zion Wilderness Desk in the Zion Canyon Visitor Center year-round.  No matter when you visit, you must pick up your printed permit in-person. This is so we can share up-to-date information about your itinerary and discuss your plans.  Before beginning your trip, check facility and wilderness permitting hours to see when and where you can speak with a ranger to get your printed permit: 

Important note: Permits are issued the day before through an online lottery system. You cannot obtain a permit the day of at the park, so plan ahead of time if you are looking to conquer any of the following activities:

  • Angels Landing Hiking Permits
  • Canyoneering Route Permit
    • (Such as The Subway or Mystery Canyon)
  • Overnight Climbing Permit
  • Wilderness Backcountry Camping Permit