Why You Should Plan Your Valentine’s Day Date in Zion National Park

Feb 9, 2020

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Whether you’re scrambling to make last-minute plans or second-guessing that expensive dinner out, we’ve got news for you; the perfect Valentine’s Day date is right in front of you. But it might just be the last place you’d think of for the perfect date.

Zion National Park has all of the ingredients for a memorable day-date. With breathtaking views, plenty of opportunities to get your heart pumping, and some tasty dining options, it’s an affordable way to create a memory with your new date or an old flame. Keep reading to learn just a few of the many reasons why you should plan to spend Valentine’s Day in the park.

You and Your Date Will Enjoy Some Healthy Benefits

You already know that hiking, walking, or otherwise spending time outdoors can help you burn calories and naturally boost your mood. But did you know that you are also enjoying a number of other health benefits?

A recent report from researchers at Norwich Medical School on the effects of exposure to natural greenspace found that time spent outdoors can reduce your risk for developing type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature death. Pregnant women can benefit from a reduced risk of preterm birth. And everyone can lower their stress levels and their blood pressure.

Strengthen Your Bond Through New Experiences

There are plenty of health benefits both you and your significant other will enjoy when you opt to spend time outdoors on Valentine’s Day. But it isn’t just individual perks that you have to look forward to.

The U.S. Travel Association produced a survey asking couples how travel and adventure affects relationships. They found that adventurous couples agree that traveling goes a long way towards boosting their bond. Traveling with your partner can help reignite waning romance and spark intimacy between you. Newer relationships will grow, and grow stronger, when the couple experiences new things together regularly. 

Of the respondents who say that they travel together often, 86 percent said that romance is still alive and well in their relationship. Just 73 percent of non-traveling couples reported the same. Nearly 95 percent of travel partners said that they felt close to one another, compared to 86 percent of those home-bodies.

Enjoy a Delicious Meal in an Incredible Setting

A fancy night out in a swanky restaurant is a popular choice for many couples around Valentine’s Day. But while candlelight and tie-wearing waiters can help set the mood, neither can compare to dining in a place surrounded by natural beauty.

In Zion, you have two distinct dining options. You could sit back and relax with a delicious meal at the Red Rock Grill. With incredible views out the floor-to-ceiling windows, friendly staff, and a range of tasty menu options, many of which are prepared with local ingredients, it’s sure to be a hit with your date.

If you’re looking to score some extra points for creativity, you could go with option B; packing your own lunch into the park. Nothing says romance quite like a quaint picnic in an incredible location. You don’t need to even get fancy with your spread; cheese and crackers, some simple sandwiches, or even just a few trail snacks will be more than enough when you’re eating them under the shadow of Angels Landing or enjoying the background noises of the flowing Virgin River.

Save Some Cash for a Special Gift

It seems like Christmas, New Years, and the other big-spending holidays have only just passed. Now, Valentine’s Day is here to empty our pockets once again. Spending on Valentine’s Day has steadily increased over the years. But this year, it’s expected to spike over 20 percent compared to last year. On average, American consumers plan to spend $196.31 on the lover’s holiday, compared to $161.96 in 2019.

Looking to save a little money this year? Opting for a date in Zion can help with that. If you have an America the Beautiful Pass, getting into the park won’t cost you a dime. If not, you’ll spend $35 to get in. You can easily keep your costs under $50 for the day if you pack a lunch. But even if you want to splurge with lunch or dinner at Red Rock Grill or one of the other great restaurant options in Springdale, you can easily keep your date under $100, or nearly half the average.

Leave an Impression or Create a Memory

Whether you’ll be celebrating your first Valentine’s Day with that special someone or your 10th, an outdoor adventure in Zion National Park is certain to leave an impression or help you create a lasting memory. Hike to the top of Angels Landing for thrilling views, or keep it casual with a stroll along the Riverside Walk. No matter how you choose to spend the day, you’re sure to have a better time than you would on any dinner and movie date.

And if your visit leaves an impression, don’t fret. You can always commemorate that special date by returning to get married in the park!