What Do Zion Williamson And Zion National Park Have In Common?

Mar 26, 2019

What Do Zion Williamson And Zion National Park Have In Common?

For those who follow NCAA men’s basketball, you might be interested to read what the freshman phenom, Zion Williamson, of Duke University has in common with Zion National Park.  For others, it would simply require an inquisitive nature and a love of reading to pursue what is coming in this article. Discarding the obvious sharing of their first names, there is much more to these great Zions than meets the eye.

Reaching Their Prime

Though Zion W. and Zion N.P. were born about 90 years apart, they both are now maturing to the prime of their lives in productivity and success.  As freshman and player of the year, Zion W. is predicted to be selected first in this year’s NBA Draft, making him a millionaire and launching him into competing against the best in the world toward grasping a new level of fame.  As the fourth most visited national park in America, Zion N.P. is poised to challenge the “top dogs” of the world’s national parks, toward a climb to reach number one status with its grandeur and activities.

Massive Like Zion National Park

Both Zion W. and Zion N.P. are “larger than life” in the minds of many, because of their rare size and attributes.  At a powerful 6 feet 7 inches and 285 pounds, Zion W. is stout and sometimes immovable, yet quick as a cat (sometimes called “a freak of nature”) and can perform breath-taking slam dunks.  At a whopping 229 square miles, Zion N.P. appears immovable with its majestic rock canyons, alien-like formations, mountains, valleys, and wildlife; yet it is quick to embrace you with its hiking trails and breath-taking vistas.

Raised By Mother Nature

Both Zions were raised by “Mother Nature.”  Zion W’s mother stood by him, raised him earnestly, and even coached several of his young basketball teams, developing him into his current, amazing stature of a basketball player.  Zion NP was amazingly raised by Mother Nature over eons of time to become the magnificent structure it is today.

Scoring Averages

Zion W averaged 36 points per game during his senior year of high school.  Zion NP averaged 36 wildlife sightings per hour during its summer season of 2018.  Zion W was a five-star recruit coming out of high school. Zion NP has classy hotels, whose amenities approach five-star classification.

Versatility could be a middle name for both Zions.  Zion W played soccer and football as a youth, and Zion NP features star-gazing, camping, hiking, fishing, and photography.

Inspirations of Zion National Park

In the realm of inspirational, the two Zions are outstanding.  Zion W got up earlier than his peers through middle and high school to practice and hone his skills.  He now inspires young athletes with his power and finesse. Zion NP epitomizes “inspirational” by its awesome and colorful landscape, challenging hikes, and ability to instill a sense of humility, confidence, and gratitude.

The two great Zions are a pleasure to see, and doing so is inexpensive.

What Do Zion Williamson And Zion National Park Have In Common?

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