5 Impromptu Things To Do In Springdale, UT

Oct 31, 2016

5 Impromptu Things To Do In Springdale, UT

We’ve all been there, right? You’re in Southern Utah and suddenly you just can’t think of what to do. Okay, okay. That’s a very unlikely scenario knowing that Southern Utah is one of the greatest places in the world. However, just in case this happens to you when you’re in or around Springdale, let us suggest to you the following list we call the Top 5 Impromptu Things To Do In Springdale, UT (in no particular order):

#1: Take a Quick Walk On the Canyon Overlook Trail

Stretch your legs and feast your eyes on this shorty-but-goody trail. 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back while remaining mostly level the whole time, this is an incredible bargain for 1 hour of your time. The trail is manufactured, safe, and incredibly rewarding. It takes almost no time at all to reach the viewpoint where you can clearly see well-known Zion landmarks including the Route 9 switchbacks, Bridge Mountain, the East Temple, and the Pine Creek stream – so great. Bring the kids! They’ll like this one.

For more information about the Canyon Overlook Trail check out our full Trail Recommendation Here.

#2: Lunch or Dinner at Switchback Grille

Experiencing hunger pangs? Springdale might be the best place a hungry person could possibly be. At Switchback you could close your eyes and randomly set your finger down somewhere on the menu, order the item, and it’s more than likely it’ll be one of the best things you’ve ever eaten. Their seafood is unmatched in freshness as it’s flown in multiple times a week and their steaks are wet aged for 28 days some dry aged cuts are aged an additional 30 days “resulting in a richer, more complex flavor profile” (quote taken from their website). Trust us. Go get some.

For more information about the Switchback Grille Click Here

#3: Go For a Leisurely Stroll to Weeping Rock

We’ve mentioned Weeping Rock in a previous blog post, but it falls right in line with the topic at hand. Similar in ways to item #3 on this list, this is a family-friendly and romantic manufactured trail that is just beautiful and requires very little exertion. Slightly shorter than the Canyon Overlook Trail previously mentioned, Weeping Rock is shady little trek that has surprising visual appeal. Once you reach the end of the trailhead, you’ll find yourself at the starting points of Observation Point Trail, Hidden Canyon, the East Rim Trail, Deertrap Mountain, and the East Entrance Trailhead. So if you’re feeling a little underhiked and want to continue on, you’re more than welcome.

For more information about the Weeping Rock Trail check out Joe’s Guide to Zion National Park – Weeping Rock by Joe Braun Photography

#4: Get Your Drink On at Switchback Trading Co.

Switchback is the most beautiful place to buy spirits. Not that the ambiance of a liquor store is typically a qualification for where one chooses to purchase their wine and beer, but it might be after you visit this one. True, it’s the only liquor store in Zion Canyon. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more unique one anywhere. This is not you’re commonplace liquor store. They have hundreds of choices of wine, well, call, premium, beer, and top-shelf liquor. Switchback Trading Co. also provides accessories, apparel, keepsakes, souvenirs, snacks, and sundries. Bring your ID and get your drink on Zion style.

For more information about the Switchback Trading Company Click Here

#5: Have a Spontaneous Overnighter (or longer) at the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens

We added “or longer” above because…well…you’ll understand when you stay there. It’s one of the most spectacularly stunning hotel experiences one can possibly have anywhere. Part hotel / part utopia, the Cliffrose will forever change your expectations of what’s possible when booking a hotel room for a quick getaway or vacation. The grounds will blow you away. The whole experience they provide is simply magical. I’ll let the attached video do the talking from here.

For more information about the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens Click Here



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