The Springdale Overnighter

Aug 29, 2016

The Springdale Overnighter: It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This


Hello everyone! We’re back this week with another unforgettable recommended itinerary version of our weekly blog. Two weeks ago we conceived the perfect Springdale and Zion National Park day trip for you; so this week we want to present you with the perfect Springdale Zion National Park overnight trip because, well, the more time you spend in Springdale, the better your life becomes. It’s science! Really though, truth be told, staying the night at our recommended accommodations in Springdale is like staying at a hotel in paradise…literally. Oh wait. I just remembered that one of the actual definitions of the word Zion is “An idealized, harmonious community; utopia.” So, yeah. Utopia. That sounds like a nice place to stay. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, without further ado…

Itinerary Item #1: Start the day right with breakfast at Deep Creek Coffee

As the kids say these days, Deep Creek Coffee is sick! In actuality though, the only sickness you’ll be feeling after you leave here are the withdrawals associated with the desire to come back as soon as possible. It’s that good! Co-owner Scott Williams and his crew only started this place 4 years ago and they have already made a name for themselves as one the premiere coffee joints in Southern Utah. Boasting a full and unique breakfast and lunch menu (including the famous “BRO-rito”) in addition to their outstanding coffee and baked goods, Deep Creek is off the charts delicious, always focusing on real ingredients. You’ll be glad you know about this place. Trust us. Website:

Itinerary Item #2: Book and Fulfill Your Dream Zion Adventure with is an outfit that provides Zion-goers with fully customized adventure experiences. Conceived and operated by a familiar name, Scott Williams (yes, the same guy), you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone as professional or experienced then Scott to guide you through Zion’s many wonders. Canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking – you name it, he’ll make it happen for you in a way that is perfectly tailor-made to you and your group’s interests and goals. Whether you’re with a single companion or your whole family, SawZion is a surefire way to get exactly what you hoped and dreamed for in Zion National Park. Website:

Itinerary Item #3: Visit the new Sorella Gallery

After your outdoor Zion adventure, relax your body and mind and continue your adventure indoors. This new professional art gallery in Springdale is an elegant escape from reality. Currently the gallery is featuring photography from award winning travel and landscape artist Michael Anderson. It’s difficult to explain how inspired and breathtaking his work is.. A world traveler, Anderson’s work allows us a dreamlike glimpse into the wonders of our world. Unwind and feast your eyes. Website:

Itinerary Item #4: Check into your room at the Majestic View Lodge

At this point your body is certainly tired and your stomach is assuredly empty. Rest assured (pun intended) you’ll get an amazing night’s sleep and a delicious meal at Majestic View. Unload your belongings inside your room (which is furnished with rustic aspen furniture, by the way), step out onto your balcony and take in the gorgeous view for a few minutes, and head over to Arkansas Al’s Steakhouse on the premises. Order a mouthwatering steak, some fresh seafood, or tasty pasta, to name a few options. Their extensive beer and wine list should be to your liking as well, I would think. After dinner, if you’re not too tired, take a dip in the pool or relax in the year-round hot tub, or pore over the Trading Post and Gift Shop, one of the largest and finest in Southern Utah. The next morning, be sure to head back over to the Steakhouse for an omelet and coffee before you head out. If you feel an immediate desire to book for another future stay, don’t worry, that’s normal. Websites:

The Springdale Overnighter recap:

  • Itinerary Item #1: Start the day right with breakfast at Deep Creek Coffee
  • Itinerary Item #2: Book and Fulfill Your Dream Zion Adventure with
  • Itinerary Item #3: Visit the new Sorella Gallery
  • Itinerary Item #4: Check into your room at the Majestic View Lodge


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