3 Things To Do in Springdale and Zion Canyon in April

Mar 28, 2017

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 3 Things To Do in Springdale and Zion Canyon in April

With a Zion spring approaching, we want to add on to our previous myth-debunking post where we confirmed that Springdale and Zion Canyon are most definitely year-round destination locations, contrary to what some appear to be thinking. April is an absolutely perfect month to come spend time in Southern Utah. The weather is great and spring is fast approaching. April toes the line of what the tourism industry refers to as peak months. Avoiding peak months means that you likely will not experience crowds, waits, or lines. Avoiding those three things alone should spark some interest in anyone planning a trip. Here are 3 great things to do in the Zion area and Springdale in April:


ATV Tours

Just this past December (the day after Christmas, to be exact), my wife and I went out for a few hours with ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours and cruised across silky sand dunes and had the time of our lives. That afternoon, we were two of 10-12 people on that particular tour. I mention that to point out that there are a lot of people who have figured out the secrets of the off-season. I know that most people wouldn’t think to plan for an ATV tour in December, but that’s the beauty of Southern Utah. There’s a lot you can do in December – and April, of course – that you just wouldn’t be able to do in most other places, and certainly those other places will not be as gorgeous as Springdale and Zion Canyon. Come hire an off-road adventure company and use your day off in April to hit the sand!


If you are an avid golfer – especially if you live in Utah – this paragraph may not be news to you, but everyone needs to know that April is a killer time to come golf the Sky Mountain and Sand Hollow courses. Easily two of the best courses in Utah (and surely two of the most beautiful), these combined 45 holes of golf will provide some of the most visually striking backdrops you’ve ever played against. Both courses are multiple-award winning establishments and attract thousands and thousands of players every year. You’ll see why very quickly if you’ve never been before. A Zion spring in April equals amazing golf.

Angel’s Landing

The infamous Angel’s Landing is primed for April. The weather isn’t too hot, so when you reach the areas of the hike that are sun-exposed, you won’t be feeling the heat that same way you would during the summer months. You also should be able to reach the summit faster without the scorching sun draining good portions of your energy along the way. And the treachery of Angel’s Landing will be lessened considerably considering the fact that you most likely won’t be passing very many other hikers on your journey. Both first-timers and returnees who want to conquer the Landing should strongly consider coming sooner than later. It will be a great experience. No Zion spring will be complete without a walk up to Angels Landing.

A Zion Spring in April

By now we should be well on our way to putting to rest any misguided notions that Zion National Park is not a year-round affair. Visiting during a Zion spring in April will allow you to do just about everything and anything that could be done during the summer months, with added benefits to boot. The allure of Springdale and Zion is always calling out, no matter what time of year it is. So consider coming before everyone else does and give yourself and your group a jump on the competition. Here’s a tip, ask for information about renting a Slingshot at the Springdale Visitors Center, you will be glad you did. We’ll be waiting for you!



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