An Off-Road Adventure for any Occasion

Dec 13, 2016

An Off-Road Adventure for any Occasion

Serious Fun in Southern Utah Sand

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you know that you really need to experience more of what your hometown has to offer? Like the lifelong Salt Lake City resident who’s never been skiing, or the NYC resident who’s never been to Central Park, or…the Southern Utah native who’s never hired and traversed the red dunes near Sand Hollow? Oh yes, the last one is just as severe as the first two – believe you me.  So, here we go An Off-Road Adventure for any Occasion.

Yes. I’m serious. If you haven’t done this yet, I can’t even begin to tell you what you’re missing. Just watch their video and then read a few of their Trip Advisor Reviews by Clicking Here. There are a handful of adventure tour establishments in and around Springdale, and these folks are right up there at the top of the list.

Ah! Don’t you wish one of those people in the video were you?! Family reunion? Office retreat? Honeymoon? Spontaneous date? Rent Utah Toys is applicable to basically any occasion and – as you can imagine – is unforgettable. Your time on their machines will be some of the most fun – if not THE most fun – you’ll ever have.

You Really Have to Check Them Out!

Whether you decide to book a guided tour or go exploring all on your own, you’ll be crossing some absolutely incredible sites and views; sandstone cliffs, dunes, and trails that go on and on and on. They provide all of the necessary safety equipment like helmets, gloves, etc. If high speeds and rock crawling are what you’re after, this is where you need to come. If you want to preserve your adrenaline and do something not quite so intense, they provide experiences for you as well.

Off-road enthusiast or not, they will take care of you. They carry the most recent models of Yamaha, Arctic Cats, Polaris, and Can-Am UTVs (Utility Task Vehicle) providing luxury, style, and cutting-edge technology. You have the option of being the driver or the passenger, whichever you are most comfortable with, and they have a slew of vehicle types to choose from that have a variety of seating options from solo to multiple passengers. They take extremely good care of their customers, from total safety and comfort to customized itineraries. Their guides are notoriously friendly and very knowledgeable.

I hear that there are a lot of locals who have a tendency to overlook what’s right outside their front door. Don’t be that person! Don’t let all of the out-of-towners have all the fun. Let’s join ‘em! The natural beauty that you will see and the pure exhilaration you will feel on these tours are incredible. It’s affordable and amazing.

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This edition of the “View From Here” was written by our very own Gregory Knell
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