Utah’s Best Vacation Rentals: Zion’s Paradise Village

Feb 6, 2017

Utah’s Best Vacation Rentals: Zion’s Paradise Village

Have you considered alternative lodging options when planning your vacation getaway, or family reunion to Southern Utah? Something different from a traditional hotel room but still offering a resort-style experience? Good news. You’ve just found it. Utah’s Best Vacation Rentals has taken the phrase “home away from home” to a whole other level that is beyond anything you would expect or imagine. They provide an incredibly unique opportunity for guests to live in spacious, luxury homes as an alternative to the overly familiar and routine hotel option. And believe me, these aren’t just “Wow, these houses are really nice” type-places (even though they, of course, are really nice). It’s much, much more than that. Zion vacation rentals have never looked so good. Let me explain.

First of all, let me point out one thing before we get any further: the mundane process of trying to find a good deal on a hotel in whatever area you’re going to can be a tired way of going about securing lodging for a vacation when in reality there are other options available, not to mention the fact that you’re always wondering if the hot tub will actually be hot, or if the pool will be too cold, or if the room service will be prompt, or if the continental breakfast will be good, or if there’ll be adequate parking, or if the air conditioning unit in your room will operate properly, or if the blow dryer will work, etc. In my experience, when I stay at any hotel, whether it’s a 2 or 5-star establishment, there seems to always be something that underwhelms or doesn’t work or falls short of meeting my expectations. Now don’t get me wrong, I love staying in hotels when traveling. But the point is that there are other lodging options in the form of Zion vacation rentals that you may not be aware of that not only eliminate all of these potential concerns but give you even more amenities than a hotel would and can be arranged at a less-expensive rate (especially if you have more than one family in your party).

Booking neighboring hotel rooms with adjoining doors is one way to accomplish multi-family lodging; one that I have much experience with. But with UBVR, you can all stay in the same large house with your own separate bedrooms (every bedroom has it’s own bathroom with exclusive access), each couple and family obtaining virtually the same type of privacy they’re used to. These 100% fully-furnished homes include gorgeous state-of-the-art furniture and decor in every single room, as well as a meticulously organized and immaculate kitchen with every appliance and resource one could think of having in the kitchen of their dreams. Table seating for dozens: check. Oversized always-operational hot tub: check. Backyard hacienda and/or patio with seating for everyone: check. Custom-designed double and triple-layer bunk beds: check. Decked-out theater rooms with lazy boys and couches arranged stadium-seating style: check. Do these Zion vacation rentals sound appealing yet? Hang in there. I’m just getting started.

2-4 car garages, modern-technology washers and dryers, massive closets full of all the linen multiple families would ever use, arcade machines, pool and ping pong tables, video game consoles, TVs in almost every room in the house connected to Netflix and satellite television services, child play rooms, complimentary DVDs and books, closets and bins full of various board games and in-home activities, shelves of free-to-use outdoor sporting equipment such as bicycles, badminton, bocce ball, and croquet…okay, let’s stop there even though there’s more – a lot more.

So, as you can tell, our discussion here is way beyond the point of deciding whether or not this is more or less desirable than a group of families booking hotel rooms on the same floor at the Holiday Inn (no offense, Holiday Inn). UBVR gives you unhesitatingly the most memorable, intimate, and pleasantly uncommon vacation stay experience you have ever and will ever have. There are multiple houses to choose from that vary in floor plan, bedroom count, and max occupancy, all of which include all or almost all of the amenities described above. All their homes available for booking are located inside the wonderfully secluded subdivision of Paradise Village at Zion in Santa Clara, UT, situated within a comfortable distance from Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Bryce Canyon, Sand Hollow State Park, Coral Pink Sand Dunes…you get the idea. It’s also right across the street from a brand new, recently opened Harmon’s allowing quick access to stocking your fridge. Oh, and the Paradise Village at Zion clubhouse has an enormous two-tier swimming pool with an additional area designed for small children and the biggest hot tub I’ve ever seen. Forgot to mention that.

Contact for more info on available Zion vacation rentals

Visit www.utahsbestvacationrentals.com for full photographic tours of every house available as well as pricing. Or email Melanie at melanie@ubvrs.com and she’ll give you a free private tour of any or all of the vacation homes. If you give this a try, staying at a hotel may never meet your expectations ever again. Zion vacation rentals is the way to go.


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