Why an Excursion with ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours Should Be On Everyone’s Itinerary

Mar 29, 2020

Driving from St. George to Springdale towards Zion National Park, you’ll pass an unassuming sign for Sand Hollow State Park. If it’s your first visit to the area, you may not think much about it. After all, your destination is the incredible views of the fourth most-visited national park in the country.

But book an excursion with ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours, and that will change. You’ll not only get the chance to explore this hidden gem, you’ll learn what so many others have; that some of the most stunning views, exciting adventures, and incredible memories you can make in Southern Utah aren’t in a national park at all.

What is Sand Hollow State Park?

Sand Hollow State Park is one of several state parks in Southern Utah. It’s home to two distinct features; a reservoir and a massive expanse of sand dunes. When you first enter the park through the main gate, you’ll see the large reservoir that’s popular for boating, fishing, and other watersports. Continue on past the lake, and the park’s other feature, it’s red sand dunes, come into view in the distance.

The dunes are actually located adjacent to the park, in a massive stretch of land managed by the Bureau of Land Management and the state of Utah. In this off-road paradise, you’ll not only find acres of dunes, but also red rock cliffs, towering boulders, small arches, deep canyons, fields of cacti and grass, and more.

While you can rent off-road vehicles in the area, exploring the expanse on your own can be challenging, not to mention dangerous. With shifting dunes and sharp drop-offs at every turn, and no marked turns, you’ll want to have an experienced guide along to show you the way and ensure you and your group are safe. That’s where ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours comes in.

What’ll You’ll Experience on an Off-Road Excursion with ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours

On an off-road excursion with ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours, you’ll start in Sand Hollow State Park. Here, you’ll meet your experienced guide, check out your ATV or UTV, and go over the plan for your adventure. Your tour guide is here for more than just navigating the off-road trails. They’ll ask you questions and find out your interests so that they can tailor your tour perfectly for you and your group.

Then, you’ll hop in line and take off. Your tour starts with a drive through an underground tunnel, where you’ll pass out of Sand Hollow and into the off-road area. From there, you’ll follow dirt roads through fields of grass and cacti. Watch for darting jackrabbits and stay on the trail–stray and you might just hit a jumping cactus!

From there, the sky’s the limit. Depending on your chosen tour and your guide, you might head to the top of the cliff ledge that edges the off-road reserve. Park your vehicle, hop off, and take a look around. At more than 3,500 feet high, you’re surrounded by views that rival those from the top of Angels Landing–and you didn’t even have to hike a single step! Your tour guide will point out Zion in the distance. If this is your first visit to the area, they’ll also point out where Nevada and Arizona touch the state, far in the distance.

If the weather has been dry enough and there isn’t any flooding, you’ll race downhill into a narrow slot canyon. Zip and fly over red sand dunes. Follow your guide’s directions as you learn to crawl over rock surfaces. Marvel at the towering boulders and odd formations of the Jurassic Park section. Be sure to ask your guide to point out some of the most famous formations along the way, like the pirate ship or ET! You’ll even make a visit to the “Top of the World!”

Choosing Your Adventure

While every excursion with ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours takes you into Sand Hollow State Park and the off-road preserve, you’ll actually choose from one of four options.

Three-Hour Adventure

If you’re short on time and want to experience a taste of off-road excitement, the Three-Hour Adventure is a good choice. You’ll cover between 14 and 18 miles on this tour as you climb halfway up the Red Plateau. There’s enough time to play on some minor sand dunes and enjoy some incredible views of mountains and lakes. This tour won’t backtrack, so every mile of adventure is brand new!

Half-Day Adventure

With an extra hour of time comes a whole lot more adventure! On our Half-Day Adventure, you’ll climb to an elevation of 3,500 feet. Race down dirt trails, spot box canyons where outlaws once hid, and get some incredible pictures of the views.

Half-Day Sunset Adventure

While it’s the same length as the Half-Day Adventure and you’ll see many of the same sights, this tour ends with some incredible views of the sunset like you’ve never seen it before! The Half-Day Sunset Adventure is a fan favorite, and is certain to be a memory you’ll never forget.

Full Day Adventure

If you’re eager to experience as much as possible on your excursion, the Full Day Adventure is a must. With five hours to explore, you’ll not only get to climb to the top of the Red Plateau, you’ll also race across towering sand dunes and explore Jurassic Park. You’ll work up an appetite on this tour, but don’t fret, lunch is included. This tour covers between 27 and 30 miles of this off-road treasure.

What You Need to Know About Your Tour

On each of the tours, you can choose from an ATV that seats one or two, or a Jeep UTV that seats up to four people. Children as young as two years old can ride on the Jeep UTVs. If your child needs a car seat to ride in in your own vehicle, bring it along on your tour. Children ages 10 or older can ride as passengers on the two-person ATVs. To drive an ATV, you must be 18 or older. To drive a Jeep UTV, you must be at least 21.

Never been on an ATV or UTV before? You’ve come to the right place. Their tours are tailored to each individual visitor. If you’re new to this heart-pounding sport, you’ll get hands on help and a pace that fits your comfort level. Experienced behind the handlebars? We’ll be happy to pick up the pace.

Everything you need to stay safe and comfortable is provided. You’ll get a helmet, eye protection, and riding gloves to use during your tour. You’ll get a souvenir buff that’s yours to keep! This is great for keeping dust out of your mouth, or for holding your hair back under your helmet. You’ll also enjoy plenty of snacks and ice cold water to enjoy during breaks on your tour.

Every guest must wear long pants and closed toed shoes during their tour. Keep in mind that you will get sand, dust, and dirt on you during your tour! 

Book Your Adventure Today

If you’re looking for a heart-pounding adventure, stunning views and picture-perfect spots, some history of the area, and memories to last a lifetime, one of ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours’ excursions is the perfect addition to your vacation itinerary. Book your own tour today–you won’t regret it!