Zion Word of the Day: Acrophobia

Sep 26, 2016

Zion Word of the Day: Acrophobia

We have a lot of goals in mind as it pertains to this blog. We hope that it is and will continue to be a positive outlet where we – real people – can connect with all of you – also real people – as we share our deep affection for Springdale and its neighboring areas. Naturally, we hope our affection will prove to be contagious and prompt all of you to come and visit! That being said, the last thing we want for our blog is for it to be viewed as a commercial outlet where all we do is promote local businesses in the form of advertisements. We feel like we’ve been doing well at maintaining our intended mission where the blog is concerned, but we’re bringing this up because we value your feedback as readers and hope that you all feel comfortable sending us a line and letting us know how we’re doing, what’s working, what you like and maybe don’t like, and what you think we should be talking more about. Feedback is not only appreciated, it’s necessary! Post a comment below or shoot us an email! Our audience is growing everyday so we want to make sure we are meeting your needs as readers as we continue to ride the wave of Springdale and Zion Canyon permeating further into public consciousness as a premiere destination location.

This being our 6th post since we’ve remounted the blog, we think it’s about time that that some space was dedicated to arguably the most oft-visited and famous destination inside Zion National Park: the one and only Angels Landing! Considered by many travelers to be one of the most devastatingly spectacular viewpoints on the planet, the Landing attracts tens of thousands of hikers every year and if you’ve summited, then you understand the hype. Make your way to the starting point at the Grotto Trailhead by hopping on a shuttle at the Springdale Visitor Center. During the first half of the hike you’ll get to cool down for a minute at Refrigerator Canyon (a section that remains cool all the time) and then get a preemptive look at your eventual destination by taking a look at the summit from Scout’s Lookout. From there you’ll be ascending via the mountain’s spine that is equipped with guard rails, carved steps, and chains at many points along the way. The majority of the hike’s final leg is exposed (meaning drop-offs on both sides) so these additions will keep you safe and set your mind at ease. (But if you are acrophobic – scared of heights – , this will likely be where you stop and wait for the rest of your party to do their thing. No shame in that). Once you get to the top, partake of your snacks, rest and let the burning in your legs cool down while you take in the most incredible view ever! Believe us when we say that it truly is astonishing. After you’ve taken out your bucket list and marked Angel’s Landing off, make your way back down. The descent is less taxing. All in all the hike should take somewhere between 3-6 hours depending on your speed and skill level as the distance is 2.4 miles one way. Remember; don’t bring your small children with you on this one. It’s too dangerous for the little ones who usually don’t have good balance control and have a tendency to run around. Arrange a sitter. And while we’re on topic, if you’re an adult with these characteristics, this hike is not for you either. Safety first!

For detailed information on Angel’s Landing including an incredible photo journal check out Joe’s Guide to Zion National Park by Joe Braun Photography

Once you’re back on the level, you’re gonna be hungry! Drop yourself off at Jack’s Sports Grill located just minutes from the park entrance. Jack’s fun and relaxed environment is the perfect place to sit, eat, drink, watch a game, and chat with your friends about your Zion adventures. Their wrap-around patio is so cool, by the way. You can view their menu on their website here http://switchbackgrille.com/jacks/ and you’ll see that we’d be hard-pressed to mention everything that we recommend, but just for the record: coconut shrimp, the Jack Stack Sandwich or the Pastrami Burger, and a Choco-Brownie. Just sayin’. But seriously, they have amazing steak, rice bowls, and they even serve breakfast all day. And let it be known that Jack’s has Springdale’s most extensive beer menu. Between their bottled, major, and microbrewery selections, when you come here to drink you’ve got more to choose from then anywhere else around.

After Jack’s, you’ve got to head over to Toaquim’s Village just a minute or two away. Toaquim’s houses the largest souvenir and gift shop in Springdale. Browse thousands of unique and personalized items to remember your trip by. We wouldn’t even know where to start for recommendations because their inventory is so vast. Really, anything that you can imagine is probably here. On top of all the Zion-centric gifts, they also have tons of hiking gear, footwear, t-shirts, hats, and sunglasses. The Village’s town square design makes it even more fun to walk around and allows direct access on the premises to Cable Mountain Lodge and the Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theater. Lot’s of places to sit and relax are scattered throughout as well.

Well, as always, we hope that you now know more about how wonderful Springdale and Zion Canyon is then you did 10 minutes ago. See you next time!


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