Zion Canyon Can Be Heavenly Treacherous

Apr 3, 2019

Zion Canyon Can Be Heavenly Treacherous

If you’ve done any national park hopping or wilderness trekking, you know the best experiences in life come at a price.  The prices may be travel time and expense to reach the coveted destination, or they may be the challenges of conquering nature’s elements in physically demanding adventures.  While many tourists refer to Zion Canyon as a heaven on earth, it is not without its own brands of treachery in the form of strenuous hikes, hazards from the weather, and wilderness backpacking.  For this reason, the National Park Service works hard to communicate guidelines and rules, offerings and warnings, all meant to provide fabulous experiences while keeping the humanoids and the wildlife safe, sound, and coming back for more.

The Treacherous And The Dangerous

Your good judgment determines your safety or danger.  The Zion Canyon cliff trails have lost people over the years to deathly falls.  Be sure to stay away from the edges, and remember that loose sand and gravel on rock surfaces are very slippery.  When using cameras or binoculars, stay off the edges; losing your balance could be tragic. Keep an eye out for children and their unpredictable behavior. Never throw rocks or debris over the edge; it might hit a hiker, below. Carry about one gallon of water per person per day, and drink regularly. It is virtually impossible to drink too much water, so stay hydrated.  Water is available at the Visitors Centers, campgrounds, Zion Lodge, and most shuttle stops. Do not drink untreated water.

Hypothermia occurs when the body is cooled to dangerous levels. It has killed more people in outdoor activities than anything else.  Beware of water in narrow passages of Zion Canyon; it can be very cold and will lower your body temperature dangerously fast.  To prevent hypothermia, avoid wet clothing, eat carbohydrates before venturing out, and dress in synthetic layers, not cotton.  Some victims of hypothermia feel like they’re going into shock. Then shivering is uncontrollable. Stumbling, weakness, and slurred speech are common symptoms.  If hypothermia happens to you or a person in your party, replace wet clothing with dry, use shelter, warm drinks, and another person’s body heat. A sleeping bag will also prevent heat loss.

Weather can change quickly in Zion Canyon, so double-check forecasts for rain or lightning.  If you get caught in a slot canyon below flash flooding, you’re in serious trouble.  Be prepared by dressing right and by knowing the forecast.

The Heavenly Parts Of Zion Canyon

Where to start?  Ranger-led Programs to support the Zion Forever Projects; education workshops on geology, plants, human history, animals and more; distance learning carries the wonders of Zion to classrooms; presentations that emphasize the public’s responsibility to take good care of the park so future generations can enjoy it; South, Watchman, and Lava Point Campgrounds; Mt. Carmel Tunnel for easy passage through the park; Zion Canyon Shuttle and Springdale Shuttle for convenient transportation to and from the Park, with room for backpacks, gear, and they’re free!; easy, moderate, and strenuous hikes so everyone can participate and see Zion Canyon; colorful hills and valleys; stunning views of red rock formations against the blue sky; picnic areas, hikes through the Virgin River; surreal photography opportunities, including of large and small wildlife; classy hotels, delicious restaurants, and cool gift shops in Springdale, Utah, at the west entrance to Zion.


Zion Canyon Can Be Heavenly Treacherous

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