Why Visiting Zion National Park Is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

Dec 29, 2018

Why Visiting Zion National Park Is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

This unique title makes one assumption:  that you know the word “sweeter” in this context is not referring to sugary taste.  To restate, when visiting Zion National Park, you will likely discover that your Zion vacation will be more fun, more inspiring, and more memorable than even Christmas morning.  This article presents three huge reasons why.

More Fun

Unless you’re five years old and sitting by the Christmas tree in your pajamas, opening a gift of the new Tonka Truck you’ve written to Santa about, visiting Zion National Park will be much more fun than any Christmas morning.  Most gifts are set aside and soon forgotten, anyway.  The excitement of Christmas morning peaks quickly then drops down to earth within a New York hour.  Even the best gifts can’t compare with the sights, sounds, and smells of experiencing Zion Canyon first-hand.  The Zion kind of fun involves hiking scenic trails with your loved ones, seeing mountain goats, stopping for some trail mix and water, and heading back to the hotel for some pool and Jacuzzi time.  You relax in the hot tub, while your partner barbecues some chicken against a stunning backdrop of colorful canyon views.

After a great night’s sleep in your one-of-a-kind, 3.5-star hotel, you and your party decide to head up the highway about 40 minutes to Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort to enjoy the shotgun range, the zip-line, some horseback riding, Jeep touring, mini-golfing, or paint-balling.  What a fantastic addition to your visit of Zion National Park!  It definitely beats opening up the new crock pot or pet rock.

More Inspiring

When visiting Zion National Park, you realize what your high school psychology teacher was talking about when he said that all humans have a spiritual side.  Though you may not be religious, you can’t deny the feelings of awe that hit you when you’ve hiked to Angel’s landing, gazed at the magnificent view of color and other-worldly rock formations of red sandstone, felt how small you are, and heard and breathed in the silence of earth’s grandeur.  You get ideas for your life and work, and answers to your problems come to mind.

If your kids are with you, you watch them tackling the trail with switchbacks that overlook the Emerald Pools.  You see the glee on their faces as they touch part of a trickling waterfall and spot a fish or frog in the water.  You are inspired by the wonder in their eyes and gaping mouths.

More Memorable

Granted, some Christmas mornings are quite memorable; and the memorable ones are usually connected to receiving or giving a particular gift.  But, when you visit Zion National Park, the memories are connected to challenges of endurance, vistas of majesty, engagements of all your senses, indelibly imprinting on your mind the beauty and bonding of doing something that might be once in a lifetime.  The photos you take will help to preserve the memories, and those memories will help to preserve relationships. It’s hard to forget hiking through the canyon tunnel of the Narrows, using the Virgin River as your best trail, water ankle to knee high.

So, if you want more out of life than a Christmas morning, plan a trip to visit Zion National Park for some fun, inspiration, and memories.




Why Visiting Zion National Park Is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

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