The Zion Golf Getaway

Oct 9, 2016

The Zion Golf Getaway

Hello everyone! We’re excited to be back with another edition of our blog here at This week we’re excited to tell you all about three extraordinary places that we love that are located down here in our neck of the woods.

Sky Mountain Golf Course

One thing that we haven’t featured yet on our blog, surprisingly, is a golf course! Golfing is huge in Southern Utah and there are many incredible and nationally recognized courses here, one of which is Sky Mountain Golf Course in Hurricane, UT just 30 minutes from Springdale and Zion National Park. Before we get into specifics I just need to quickly say how stunning this place is! There are holes where the surroundings will literally stop you in your tracks and you’ll have to get someone to snap you out of it. No joke. Just beautiful! Okay, back on track. Sky Mountain is a public course with 18 holes (we seriously can’t believe it’s public. It’s so nice!). They have incredible prices compared to other courses of it’s caliber in the area but do not be fooled! Really, you just need to come play here and see what we’re talking about. The back 9 especially are just mind-blowing, particular hole 18. Just wait. You’re in for a treat. You’re eyes will thank you. Oh, and there’s a restaurant on site that serves breakfast and lunch, you can book your own private tournaments, and there’s an excellent pro shop where you can get any and all golf equipment and apparel you could ever need. See you on the green!

For more information about Sky Mountain Golf Course Click Here

Cable Mountain Lodge

All right, we’re going to assume that some of you have heard of Cable Mountain Lodge. One of the most respected and oft-reserved resorts in Springdale, CML is completely wonderful. Cable Mountain has many obvious points of pride, but the main one is likely that it is the closest place to stay to Zion National Park. You can’t get any closer! It’s literally connected to the Park! If you’re vacationing, planning a company retreat, or hosting an event such as a wedding, this is where you need to come. They have 8 different room styles to choose from: 3 variations of studio rooms and 5 suite variations, all of which are rustic, luxurious, and very spacious. The grounds are gorgeous and perfectly pruned, the pool is immaculate, and the riverbed is soft, clean, and beautiful. The whole place is just transfixing. When you walk out to your room’s balcony…well…we’ll let you see for yourself when you get here. It’s amazing. That’s all we’ll say about that for now. Also, connected to the lobby is Perks of Zion, an espresso and smoothie joint that is top notch. It’s also important to mention that Cable Mountain Lodge is connected to Toaquim’s Village that includes Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre (see our previous post for more info). Oh, did we mention it’s the closest hotel to the Park? Yeah, I think we did.

For more information about the Cable Mountain Lodge Click Here

Zion Outfitter

Cable Mountain Lodge is also adjacent to Zion Outfitter, one of Springdale’s premier adventure outfitters. Specializing in hiking the Narrows, biking the Pa’rus, and tubing the Virgin River, these folks have everything you need to plan and execute an awesome Zion experience. And on top of all this they have a shower and laundry facility and a killer retail store where you can browse and purchase all the basic equipment you need for hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing, and canyoneering (and some pretty cool t-shirts and sunglasses). All the people who work here are extremely knowledgeable with all things Zion, so ask them anything. This is a phenomenal establishment; professional and friendly.

For more information about Zion Outfitter Click Here

We hope to see you soon in Springdale! Make sure to come say hi to us folks in the Springdale and Zion Canyon Visitor Center. We love making new friends!

For information about the Springdale and Zion Canyon Visitor Center Click Here



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