360 degrees of Pure Adventure

Sep 13, 2016

360 degrees of Pure Adventure

As you’ve likely noticed by now, there are most definitely no shortages of ways to experience Springdale, Zion National Park, and the surrounding communities. So no matter what type of visitor you are – from an extreme thrill-seeker to a casual tourist to a backyard local – we’ve got you covered. That is without a doubt one of the absolute best things about coming here!

With that in mind, we recognize that the last few blog posts have been in large part concerned with recommendations involving physical outdoor adventure activities – tightening up your hiking shoes, packing plenty of water, and getting your sweat on. Now, here at ZionNationalPark.com, we want you to know that we are fully aware there are many of you who would much rather sit in the comfort of an air-conditioned room and watch the National Parks series on Blu-Ray and experience Zion National Park that way rather than prep and trekking 7 miles through the wilderness. We get it. That’s why we decided to meet in the middle of both group types in this week’s edition of our blog.

So, let’s start with a question: what do leather seats, Bose headphones, climate-control, and Rolls-Royce turbine engines all have in common? Nope. Wrong again. Okay, we’ll tell you. The answer is Zion Helicopters! Shocked? We were hoping you’d be. In hiring Zion Helicopters to experience Southern Utah you’ll be undertaking an excursion you’ll remember for a lifetime, and that’s a guarantee. Imagine soaring over some of the most incredible landscapes on Planet Earth in the comfort of a luxury helicopter. The flights are offered in the form of 6 standard tours that vary in distance and duration. The pilots are notorious experts in the area’s history as well as the landscape’s features and are just all-around great people. Whether you fancy a 30-mile flight or a 100-mile flight, your wish is their command. Oh, and the Bose headphones (with microphones) are provided so that everyone aboard can engage in normal conversation throughout the flight. They even offer non-tourist related voyages such as aerial photography outings, air charter services, and flight training. This is literally a dreams-become-realities type of thing, so naturally, we recommend doing it.

Check out their Website: http://zionhelicopters.com/

What’s that you say? Flying isn’t really your thing but you still would prefer to traverse Southern Utah sitting down? Well, don’t you worry. Somebody already thought about that. Zion Outback Safari! Specializing in off-road Jeep tours, their 5 different tours range from 2 to 9 hours in duration, so if you prefer to stay relatively close to home or quest all the way to the Grand Canyon – yes, that Grand Canyon – then so be it! Get right up close to overlooks, abandoned towns, and Native American hieroglyphics that can’t be accessed without the help of a professional guide and a fully loaded Jeep. Like the folks working for Zion Helicopter, the crew at Zion Outback Safari are chock full of knowledge about the history, wildlife, plant life, and geology of the area; you name it, they know it. Private Jeeps for a few and large caravan vehicles for groups, ZOS delivers an incredibly unique opportunity.

Check out their Website: https://www.zionjeeptours.com/

Ah! They both sound so incredible, right?! You’re wishing there was some kind of organized way that you could do both, maybe even in the same day and with the same booking. Wait for it…wait for it…Yes! Zion 360! Both of these companies have joined forces to form the ultimate adventure opportunity. Combine back-to- back air and backroad travel into an epic super trip!

Visit http://zion360tours.com/ to make it happen!


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