4 Ways a Scenic Hotel Could Help The Jazz Win The NBA Finals

Jan 8, 2019

4 Ways a Scenic Hotel Could Help The Jazz Win The NBA Finals

Nobody would dismiss the importance of good coaching, talented players, hard work-outs, focused practices, sports nutrition, sports psychology, and goal-setting; however, even with all that, the Utah Jazz are clearly not expected by anyone to win the NBA finals in 2019.  So, there’s gotta be something else that would make the difference and launch the Jazz to new heights. Short of tragedy befalling some of the NBA’s best teams, there is one thing that would lift the Jazz to greatness—a stay at a scenic hotel near Zion National Park.  Preposterous, you say? Hardly.  I’ll tell you why.

Team Unity

Now, it is well known that one strategy for fostering team unity is traveling together, staying in the same hotel, and eating together.  Ok, you’re thinking the obvious. Yeah, the Jazz travels together many times each year on road trips to play the other NBA teams. Sure, they do.  But, these trips are attached to the anxiety of playing games on the opponents’ home courts, subjected to the ridicule and disdain of the home team’s fans.  Plus, the hotels are typically in big cities, near the basketball arenas—hardly a serene or beautiful setting. Even greater team unity would have a chance to thrive on a retreat to Zion.

Inspiring Serenity

On the other hand, a bus trip to Zion National Park and a scenic hotel would be much more therapeutic than a routine road game, because the stress of an imminent road game is removed, allowing full absorption of the vistas and experience.  The drive would expose the players—most of whom have never seen the serene and other-worldly landscape of Southern Utah—to the vast desert landscape of colors, majestic rock formations, and striking canyons of this region.  Seeing this would be for the players interesting, in the least, and awesomely inspiring, in the most.

Antithesis Of Stress

A trip to a scenic hotel in Springdale, Utah and Zion Canyon would also greatly reduce the distractions from adoring fans.  People would not be constantly approaching players for autographs because the players are not in the “public places” such as airports, downtown of big cities, busy restaurants, etc.  The masses simply are not congregated at Springdale during basketball season.

The views from the scenic hotel rooms near the entrance to Zion are in stark contrast to the views from hotels in NBA team cities.  Red-rock cliffs vs. dirty, concrete walls. Polluted air vs. clean, fresh air. Chirping birds vs. the drone of traffic.  Well, you get the idea.

Real Humility

When entering Zion Park and embarking on a hiking trail, a sense of one’s smallness hits the mind.  It’s humbling to see the magnificent creation of Zion and makes us realize how small we really are in the whole scheme of things.  This feeling is rare for gifted NBA players. Real humility has evaded most of them. Money, talent, fame, adoration, and women have made true humility a very difficult thing to achieve, but hiking through majestic nature can bring that to players.  In other words, the physical and mental aspects of NBA players are routinely well-developed, but their spiritual sides can be neglected.

Experiencing a scenic hotel and Zion National Park would almost surely provide something not yet felt and increase team unity, individual humility, and personality chemistry; so, it is the missing piece of the puzzle to the unexpected—winning the NBA finals.

4 Ways a Scenic Hotel Could Help The Jazz Win The NBA Finals

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