The Top Seven Attractions of  Zion National Park

Aug 14, 2018

The Top Seven Attractions of  Zion National Park

One of the nation’s most loved national parks is Zion National Park in southwest Utah.  Colorful hikes, shimmering waters, and majestic scenery make Zion a great day trip for families or friends.  The attractions of Zion National park are what make it so popular, and are possibly suitable for a bucket list.

Beautiful Hikes

“The Narrows” is the moniker of the park’s most popular hike.  It begins with a one-mile walk alongside the Virgin River, then it continues into the river because of the sandstone walls that rise up from the river, leaving only space enough to wade or swim through the water.  Shade and rustic canyon provide the beautiful scene.  Waterproof shoes are needed to protect your feet.  Flash floods can be deadly, so pay attention to rain forecasts before entering “The Narrows.”

One of the easier trails at Zion is the Canyon Overlook Trail.  It’s about one mile long, round trip, and guides hikers from the parking lot to a broad view of Zion Canyon.  Bring your camera.  Parts of the trail are narrow, and children are cautioned to watch their steps.  Park admission will get you to the trailhead.  A weekly pass costs $30 per car and $15 per person on foot or bicycle.

The Observation Point trail reaches a peak at an elevation of 6,521 feet on Mount Baldy.  A hike of about 8 miles, the Observation Point hike enables a view of other attractions, such as Angels Landing.  On a clear day, you will be exposed to a great deal of sunlight, so protect yourself by packing water and sunscreen.  Hitting the trail early is recommended, and carrying some food is a good idea.

The Angels Landing trail offers rigorous exercise, some danger thrills, and spectacular scenery.  The climactic end of the trail can feel precarious, so there are chains and rails to hold on to.  If you are afraid of heights, you probably should turn around at Scout Lookout, near the trail’s latrines.  Angels Landing is a 5-mile round trip, featuring colorful chasms, steep cliffs, switchbacks, and plenty of fresh air.  The blue sky against the rustic sandstone is gorgeous.  Angels Landing hike gets busy on weekends, so many suggest mid-week is better.

To get a good view of the Watchman Spire (6,545 feet tall), take the Watchman Trail, which is about three miles round trip.  This is a good one for beginning hikers because it climbs in total about 400 feet.  The Watchman Trail will likely expose you to much sunshine, so be prepared.  Its trail head is near the Zion National Park Visitor Center.

Helpful Tips

An attraction of Zion National Park not to miss is its Visitor Center.  You can browse the large bookstore, talk to staff members who know the park, or study a miniature model of the park.  Maps and historical information also are available at the Visitor Center.  It opens daily at 8:00 am.

You have the option to see much of the Park’s beauty from your vehicle, as a 57-mile drive takes you by the Virgin River and other well-known landmarks.  This drive offers some narrow thrills, hairpin curves, and potential to see wildlife like bighorn sheep, as well as Grafton Ghost Town, which was used in the movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Tourists from the world over visit Southern Utah to enjoy these top seven attractions of Zion National Park.

The Top Seven Attractions Of Zion National Park

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