Zion Canyon Brew Pub | A Local Favorite Here in Springdale, UT

Sep 8, 2018

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Located Near the entrance of Zion National Park is a locals favorite place to get a frothy beer, and heavenly food. Zion Brewery or better known as the Zion Canyon Brew Pub is recognized for its handcrafted beers, tasteful food, and its very own microbrewery! With live music almost every single weekend, and a huge open patio featuring the gigantic sandstone mountains gazing back at you. The employees at the Brew Pub are part of the experience. Not only are they super friendly, but they are very comical and great at what they do.

A Wide Variety of Handcrafted Beers

hand crafted beer in zion→ Zion Brewery is Southern Utah’s first microbrewery.

Cheers to Zion

The handcrafted beers are made by the local beer experts with love. You can sample them all or enjoy a full glass of your favorite choice. After a fun day at the bar with a funny and sassy bartender named Barbie, I got to experience a lot of beer with a lot of laughing. They have a variety of choices that are constantly changing. Foray Kettle Soured Pomegranate Ale, Burnt Mountain Brown, American Wheat Ale, Paradox Session IPA, Red Altar, Zion Pale Ale, Springdale Amber, Jamaican Style Lager, Ascender Hefeweizen to name a few. One of my personal favorites was the Conviction Stout. A year-round stout, dark, chocolatey, and finished with a roasted coffee. Yes, I said coffee, and yes it was amazing. Brewed with local beans from River Rock Roasting. They describe it as the perfect breakfast beer. With the creaminess of the beer and the jolt of the coffee, its an encounter your taste buds won’t forget.

Tasteful food goes perfectly with a beer and with a view. With customers having the option to sit inside, or outside on an open spaced patio. Zion Canyon Brew Pub’s menu is full of variety and yummy options to complement your beer. I tried the massive Jalapeno Burger with oozing cheese and the perfect amount of kick your mouth needs. I got to enjoy the fried fish tacos as well, and every bite made me want more and more. The best part? Drinking beer while enjoying all of this.

Microbrewery in Springdale, UT

zion microbrewery→ Brew Pub’s very own Microbrewery

Take a closer look

Brewed down the street in their very own Microbrewery. With the funniest brewers who enjoy their job drinking and testing their creations all day long. A down to earth, laid back setting, is what you’ll encounter but Springdale wouldn’t have it any other way. Getting to visit and tour where the beer is made step by step made me appreciate beer even more. Being exact with the measurements and the process is vital in making good beer. Testing it straight from the large stainless steel tanks referred to as the fermenter. Before it even gets to the last large tank it goes through two others in a slow step by step process. My favorite part? Testing all the creations right from the location they’re made from. I got to enjoy their seasonal award-winning Strawberry Rhubarb Sour beer. The tangy taste has the perfect amount of saltiness creating a flavor explosion in your mouth. I couldn’t get enough of this flavor and I found out that Zion Brewery has converted me to the sour beer!

If you love beer, food, and awesome people the Brew Pub is for you. It’s great to rehydrate with some beer after a long day of hiking! With live music on the back patio making your food taste even better. The best part? The view of course. Being so close to the park entrance your eyes will applaud your decision to eat here.


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