Springhill Suites Grand Opening

Mar 31, 2017

Springhill Suites Grand Opening

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a brand new member to welcome into the Springdale family! Marriott’s new addition to the Zion National Park hotel scene, the Springhill Suites, is a thing of beauty – and that is certainly the understatement of the day. Springhill Suites opened officially for business on February 13 and had their Grand Opening ceremony on March 17 to which we were fortunate to receive an invitation. The place is simply incredible. Just incredible. It’s located in the central section of Springdale at 1141 Canyon Springs Dr. and is the long-awaited third piece of “The Campus” that already includes the Hampton Inn & Suites and the Holiday Inn Express. All three establishments are direct neighbors, share interconnecting pathways and roads, and are each owned by the same group. With Springhill Suites officially in place and open for reservations, the area is truly a formidable and impressive section of the city. But being the newest and most contemporary member of the triad, the Springhill Suites takes the crown in “The Campus’s” hotel hierarchy for more reasons than one.

Aesthetically it’s a wonder to behold. When you walk in the main entrance through automatic doors, you find yourself in an enormous, elegant lobby with toweringly high ceilings and are immediately paralyzed by a spectacular view of Zion’s cliffs facilitated by panes of glass stacked floor to ceiling comprising the entire rear wall, which also serves as the main access to the outdoor grotto. The architecture expertly marries stone and wood elements which compliment the motif of Zion Canyon perfectly. The innovative designs of the furniture and seating arrangements in the lobby are so unique that even the aesthetically uninclined are bound to take positive notice as they wait to check in. Easels with original paintings are tastefully dispersed throughout the lobby, all of which are for sale and are provided by the renown LaFave Gallery across the street. The spacious lobby also includes a convenience store as well as a stately billiards room that has already emerged as a guest favorite.

Touring the property then took us to one of the 114 total rooms, this one being a standard double-queen room on the second floor. The room had a gorgeous layout with state of the art amenities and modern furniture that was insanely comfortable. As expected, the interior design of the room followed suit by maintaining a formal and distinguished Zion Canyon theme with earth colors against sleek black adornments and default ambient lighting. It looked fantastic. The gigantic closet was noticeably great as well. As we walked back toward the staircase, we passed a fully stocked exercise room that looked clean and inviting. Note: There are also 18 dual-room suites that comprise their own building.

One of the most uncommon characteristics of this hotel are the communal balconies and seating areas situated on each floor in every building. They provide outdoor, covered gathering spots for groups and couples to meet up, hang out, or relax no matter what building you’re staying in. Some of these areas even have fireplaces. I found this to be an innovative addition to the property’s design.

After speaking with the hotel manager, I learned that some of the proudest features of the Springhill Suites are its conference rooms. Capable of entertaining a max of 320 people inside 3300 total square feet, the multiple adjoining conference and breakout rooms on the hotel’s lowest floor conceivably make up this establishment’s most appealing component. I can’t imagine a more appropriate, comfortable, and stunning location to hold a conference, corporate retreat, or wedding. The design is impeccable. When you step out of any of the conference room doors, you are directly facing access to a beautiful and secluded outdoor gathering area for people to congregate, socialize, and take a break. An employee or guest of any business trip or reception should be thrilled to be here. I know I most certainly would.

Now, the grounds. As is the case with basically every hotel and lodge in Springdale, having the cliffs of Zion literally in your backyard make staying here hard to forget, and the Springhill Suites is no exception in that regard. The pathways and grass areas (which include parallel walkways along the Virgin River) were perfectly clean and radiantly green, the red rock configurations were stunning, and the pool area was incredible. The gated swimming area consisted of a sizable hot tub next to an uncharacteristically large swimming pool – maybe the biggest I’ve ever seen at a hotel – along with bathrooms, showers, drinking fountains, poolside lounge chairs, and get this: a splash pad! Man, these people thought of everything.

A complimentary, hot buffet breakfast, a pet-friendly environment, and an incredible location round out what I thought was one of the most impressive Utah hotels I’ve ever seen, certainly making it one of Springdale’s premier lodging options. I can’t imagine any guest being underwhelmed in the slightest. Springdale is beyond happy to welcome the Springhill Suites!


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