The Best Catering in Zion Canyon

Sep 1, 2017

Black Walnut Catering

Black Walnut Catering is the proper name of Switchback at Zion Canyon’s professional catering operation. If you’ve ever eaten at Switchback but was until now unaware that they catered, I know you’re getting excited right about now. Switchback is a wildly successful and favorite Springdale restaurant that includes five separate establishments under its umbrella: Switchback Grille, Jack’s Sports Grill, BW Weddings, Switchback Trading Company Liquor Store, and the one and only Black Walnut Catering. Serving the delicious and famous cuisine directly from the famous Switchback menu, Black Walnut’s food is most certainly guaranteed to be amazing. But this catering service is much, much more than top-quality food. Much more.

First of all, this is Springdale, UT we’re talking about here – the place that Zion National Park calls home; quite possibly the most beautiful place on Earth (we definitely think so). Imagine having your catered wedding reception or work retreat here, amidst the towering red cliffs of Zion! Talk about memorable.

Okay, so not only will the Black Walnut folks bring the food, they’ll also plan the whole thing for you! This isn’t just a run-of-the-mill catering service where they simply show up with the food and serve it to you. These guys will literally sit down with you beforehand and consult about what is most important in regards to the event, and organize a tailor-made, high-quality function so you don’t have to. They’ll plan out the entire thing, including acquiring the decorations and equipment you need.

Here is a list of event types that Black Walnut Catering has extensive experience in creating and serving:

  • Holiday parties
  • Wedding receptions
  • Birthday parties
  • Professional conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Graduation celebrations
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Trustee and benefactor events
  • Family retreats
  • Corporate retreats (sales or board functions, team building events, etc)
  • Tour group events
  • Tastings
  • Testimonial dinners

This list certainly does not include all possible events that could be catered, but we list these ones to get you thinking about what you have coming up in your life that could benefit from the services of Black Walnut Catering. If you’ve ever planned or been in charge of an event listed above, you know how much work it is. Exhausting would be an understatement. The people at Black Walnut Catering are so professional, so knowledgable, and so friendly. They are more equipped then anyone to be handed the reigns to your event. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, how fancy or how casual, how traditional or how unusual, they do it all. They will work with whatever your budget happens to be and create something phenomenal for you. The experience with them isn’t a “you get what you get” mentality. The truth is that whatever you want is what you get. You tell them how you want it to look, the type of experience you want your guests to have, and any other specific instructions concerning your vision of what you’d like to take place and Black Walnut Catering will make it all happen.

And you don’t have to come to Switchback, or even to Springdale, to use Black Walnut Catering. They do on and off-site events. You’re welcome to use the multiple event spaces on the Switchback property (such as the elegant patio or the restaurant space itself, including the bar) or you can book your event somewhere else and have Black Walnut come to you. You’re backyard, an official reception space, a church, the office, you name it and they will be there.

Click Black Walnut Catering for more information including pricing, menu, and availability.


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