5 Delicious Restaurants in Springdale and Zion Canyon

Sep 1, 2017

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5 Delicious Restaurants in Springdale and Zion Canyon

One of the best parts of going on a vacation is exploring all of the unfamiliar food options available in the new area. For many people, this is THE reason that they enjoy traveling. Well listen up, all of you foodies out there. The restaurants in Springdale and Zion Canyon are going to surprise you. No, Southern Utah probably wouldn’t be considered an exotic location by most standards, nor is it likely to ever show up on any lists of places you need to visit specifically for the cuisine. However, a case could be made that it should; not because it necessarily specializes in a particular food ethnicity or style, but because the quality of the food in general is unusually high, defying tourists expectations year after year. You might call Springdale and Zion Canyon a culinary sleeper. So to help prepare you for your upcoming trip, we want to recommend 5 places where you should certainly have at least one meal while your here. We could easily title this article “20 delicious restaurants” rather than 5 as there are so many establishments that are worth mentioning. For this article’s sake, though, we’ll simplify it to 5.

Bit & Spur Restaurant and Saloon

An Evening at the Bit & Spur Restaurant & Saloon

A unique place that’s one-part cantina and one-part steakhouse, you can get the best of both Mexican and roadhouse fare at Bit & Spur. The establishment is a casual but certainly impressive dining environment with billiards and a full bar in one section while simultaneously sporting hispanic-tinged artwork and decor throughout the main dining areas. Order anything from a steak with their signature chili rub to fish tacos and fajitas. As is the case with all the recommendations here, it’s absolutely delicious.

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Spotted Dog Cafe

This one is a little more formal, but not too much that you can’t go there on a whim in whatever your wearing. On top of their food being out of this world, they also boast the largest and most extensive wine selection in all of Southern Utah. So if you’re looking for a place to have a romantic evening while sipping wine, this is the place. Pasta, bistro selections, soups, and salads are among the specialties here as well as incredible regional recipes. Perfection is the name of the game at Spotted Dog Cafe, so don’t expect to be disappointed in any way.

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Switchback Grille Steakhouse

Prime steak and fresh seafood are surely the most requested entrees at Switchback Grille, though they have an extensive menu including many other mouthwatering choices. But if you have a hankering for a New York Strip, Filet Mignon, or Rib-Eye, you should head here. The atmosphere is both elegant and fun at the same time. And while you’re here you can also visit the trading post that also doubles as an imposing liquor store.

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Cafe Soleil

At least one of your Springdale days needs to be spent eating breakfast or lunch at Cafe Soleil. You’ll find lots of healthy, organic options here as well as traditional favorites including wraps, paninis, salads, and espressos. This place has a great energy that you’ll feel right when you walk in. Note: if you prefer vegan or vegetarian food, this is your spot.

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Oscar’s is a Springdale mainstay that serves all three meals of the day. Breakfast burritos, omelets, and pancakes in the morning and burgers, Mexican food, and salads for lunch and dinner, including specialty entrees suitable for any time of the day. Oscar’s has vast menu so naturally there’s a lot more to chose from than what we listed here.

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Enjoy your meal! Sincerely, Zion National Park and Springdale, UT.

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