Embark on the Most “Photogenic” Hikes in Zion!

Apr 21, 2017

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Zion Adventure Photog

zion photography

What are the most treasured and meaningful aspects of vacations after the fact? Photographs. Souvenirs are certainly great, but it’s the pictures we take that solidify the memories from our trips, drumming up the emotions and bringing to the surface the details of our cherished experiences. But in order to save those moments, we’re always stopping to take out our phones or cameras, often interrupting the activity, forcing you to disengage from the moment. Fortunately for all of us, there’s a Southern Utah company who solves this problem while simultaneously alleviating others you didn’t know you had. Zion Adventure Photog is an innovative photography outfit specializing in a very unique way of capturing these moments on the go. Loosely combining the formality of family portraits with professional-grade candid shots, founder Arika Bauer provides clients with high-quality pictures amidst the beauty of Zion in an exciting new way.

Zion photography

Zion Adventure Photog knows the absolute best spots on a current list of 5 (and growing) different hikes inside the Park to get you the best possible photos imaginable. They know the perfect times for ideal lighting in each area, and they know great spots to meet up. As an avid outdoorswoman, Arika will share with you insider tips, history, and other information about the area as you hike, snapping candid photos as well as periodically posing you and your family for portraits (depending on your preference and instruction). No more hoping that the random stranger you asked to take the picture did a good job. No more mediocre selfie stick pictures. Only premier Zion photography work from an expert that also happens to be an informed tour guide.

Zion photography

The 5 hike options currently offered by Zion Adventure Photog include:

The Scenic

Adventure-shoots for family pictures involving small children who’s attention spans won’t last long (parents, you know what we’re talking about) – this is the option for you. Your photographer will make this shoot as time-efficient as possible, taking you directly to the money spots and accomplishing the mission before the little ones have had enough and begin to check out.

Pa’Rus Trail

Perpendicular to the Virgin River, this easy trail will get you gorgeous riverside shots and provide comfortable access for pets, strollers, and wheelchairs. You’ll encounter the Visitor Center, South Campground, Oak Creek, and Pine Creek by choosing this option.

Emerald Pools

Starting at the Zion Lodge and then progressing to the Lower, Middle, or Upper sections of Emerald Pools (your choice), Zion Adventure Photog will go along with you, taking exceptional photos the whole way. Remember that the hike up to the Upper section of the Pools is bit strenuous, so plan accordingly when deciding on that option. All three Emerald Pool hikes are incredible, guaranteeing amazing pictures.

Canyon Overlook

This trail contains some of the best views Zion National Park has to offer. On this hike, you’ll see the Route 9 switchbacks, Bridge Mountain, East Temple, Pine Creek stream, and more. About half way to the viewpoint there’s an alcove with a lot of shade surrounded by vegetation that serves as an excellent spot for Zion photography, among other locations along the trail. This hike will take around an hour and a half most likely.

Riverside Walk

A very well-known path inside the Park, Riverside Walk is a maintained, gorgeous walkway that’s hard to forget. Lush trees, ferns, moss, hanging gardens, and other greenery line the whole thing, not to mention the Virgin River alongside. Animal sightings are frequent here, as well. The whole family, including the little ones, can blaze this trail without any trouble at all. There is a lot of riverside access here so bring water shoes if you want some great pictures in the very shallow water. Strollers and wheelchairs can come along on this hike with no problems.

Zion photography

Custom Zion Photography Options

If there’s another place you’d like to go that’s not on this list, just inquire and it’s likely that they’ll accommodate you. Also, for more particular photo shoots such as engagement photos, for instance, make sure to specify that in your inquiry.

Visit ZionAdventurePhotog.com to book a session as well as for more detailed information including pricing, availability, and locations. Let them elevate your family and vacation photos to match the grandeur of Zion National Park! Contact them today!

And remember to stop by the Happy Camper grocery store near the Zion National Park Visitor Center either before or after your Zion photography experience to grab the essentials, including snacks and drinks to bring with you into the Park.


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