Updated Zion Regulation Says No Tripods During Photography Workshops

Mar 29, 2018

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Updated Zion Regulation Says No Tripods During Photography Workshops

It shouldn’t be any wonder that photography is one of the most popular activities in Zion National Park, one of the most astoundingly beautiful locations on Planet Earth. Amateur and professional photographers from around the world travel to Zion Canyon every year to capture the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. The perfect recipe of spectacular seasonal changes, soaring canyon walls, multicolored sandstone, and clear flowing water result in perhaps the most ideal landscape a nature photographer could possibly imagine. Zion National Park photography is an incredibly rewarding enterprise for any person interested in taking pictures.

Because Zion is one of the most popular and busiest national parks in the country, regulations of various kinds are necessary to maintain stability and proper protection for the park. Zion National Park photography workshops have been privy to regulations over the years and, as of late, a change has been made to them that is important for every photographer planning on visiting Zion to know. That change is this: tripods are no longer allowed inside the park boundaries during photography workshops.

Most photographers always have a tripod with them as it is one of the most helpful and common pieces of equipment in the industry. Especially helpful with nighttime shots, broad panoramas, and many other things, tripods are essential. Unfortunately, for anyone interested in traveling to Springdale, UT for some Zion National Park photography workshops, you will no longer be able to set up a tripod on park trails per new regulations. In the past, the Virgin River was a Zion location that allowed tripods as were many trails inside the park, such as the Pa’rus Trail, Riverside Walk, and the area just south of Orderville Canyon. But as of 2018, tripods are no longer allowed in these areas or anywhere else where Zion National Park photography workshops are concerned. The only places where tripod setup is allowed are pull-outs and paved parking areas. But remember, this new regulation only applies to Zion National Park photography that is associated with a commercial business. If you are alone and not participating in a formal workshop, tripod setup has no restriction whatsoever.

If you are someone who is interested in learning more about Zion National Park photography, it is recommended that you learn park photography rules and regulations from teachers inside the park. This is one of the reasons that photography workshops are quite popular because they are educational as well as enjoyable. Unfortunately, there are many visitors and tourists (including photographers) who travel to Zion and show a lack of respect for this beautiful area. Often Zion National Park photographers are driven solely by social media ambition and end up driving large amounts of foot traffic to the park through their social media posts The large majority of these types of visitors (that we’ve seen) are then sometimes arriving with an incorrect understanding of the what is allowed in the park and what isn’t, all originating from the “Instagram photographer”, for example. Sometimes it is difficult to find a healthy medium between commercialism and conservation when it comes to national parks, but putting proper regulations in place is part of an ongoing effort to preserve and maintain Zion and to enhance the experience of every visitor, year in and year out. Regulation changes such as this new tripod rule are initiated for the betterment of the park, even if they may seem like an inconvenience to some.

Again, we wish to remind readers that tripods still have no restrictions at all for Zion National Park photography being taken by individual persons not part of an organized workshop. However, if you enter the park as a participant of a photography workshop, there are no tripods allowed according to new park regulations.

Updated Zion Regulation Says No Tripods During Photography Workshops

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