Bringing Pets To Zion National Park: What To Know

Apr 13, 2018

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Bringing Pets To Zion National Park: What To Know

Did you know it is estimated that over half, even close to two-thirds, of American travelers who own a pet take their animal with them when traveling? Pet-owners, especially those who have a dog, tend to have a hard time leaving their furry friends at home when going on vacation. And because Zion National Park is Utah’s second most visited tourist attraction (behind Temple Square in Salt Lake City), it will certainly do all animal lovers well to know how pet friendly Zion National Park is…or isn’t.

How pet friendly is Zion National Park? The truthful answer is not very. In fact, national parks, in general, have never been very pet friendly. That doesn’t mean that personal pets are completely prohibited, but where Zion is concerned, there are very few places within the park boundaries where pets are allowed, and even then they must always be on a leash. So after reading the information here, you’ll have to decide for yourself if bringing your pet with you to Zion is still something you want to do.

Perhaps the most encompassing pet regulation in Zion is that no pets whatsoever are allowed on the trails, except for one: the Pa’rus Trail. The Pa’rus is an almost completely flat, paved trail with gorgeous scenery all around it and leashed dogs are allowed. It’s the only pet friendly trail in the whole park. The only other places within the park that allow pets (leashed, mind you) are in designated campgrounds and inside your vehicle while driving on roads that intersect the park. If you stop your vehicle at one of the many viewing points along the road, your pet can exit the vehicle with you and walk around as long they’re on a leash. Shuttle buses only allow service animals. Make sure you bring proper identification.

You can never leave pets unattended (even in campgrounds) and can never let them off the leash. They are not allowed in any of the buildings or structures. And this goes without saying, but you most certainly cannot leave them in closed vehicles. Southern Utah can reach temperatures of over 110 degrees, sometimes on a regular basis depending on the summer. Be advised that fines can be upwards of $100 or more in some cases, so please follow the rules.

In the end, as you can probably tell, bringing pets to Zion National Park isn’t the best idea is it is not very pet friendly at all. It will most likely be more of an inconvenience than anything else. If you truly can’t leave your pet at home, consider boarding them at Doggy Dude Ranch in Rockville which is located just a few miles from Zion. You’ll pass right by it on UT-9 on your way to Springdale. There are also animal boarding facilities in the nearby cities of Cedar City, Kanab, St. George, and Hurricane. But if you do decide to bring Fido into Zion National Park, be sure to bring a leash, a portable water bowl, water, doggy bags, and papers that verify vaccinations. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring tick and flea spray, just in case. One last thing to remember is that there are endless amounts of trails adjacent to Zion National Park as well as nearby Bryce Canyon National Park that are endlessly pet friendly where you can let your dogs off the leash and hike with them to your heart’s content. These areas are governed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service.

For a precise pet friendly dos-and-don’ts list concerning animal regulations and rules inside Zion National Park, visit this link.

Bringing Pets To Zion National Park: What To Know

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