Off the Beaten Trail

Aug 23, 2016

Hey Zionheads! Due to the success of last week’s blog entry that included recommendations of a few choice Springdale-area hotspots as well as a Zion National Park hike spotlight, we’re going to follow this clear formula for success with a slight deviation. Lucky for us (and for you), out here in Springdale and Zion National Park there is never a shortage of hotspots to spotlight. In this corner of the world, that would be virtually impossible!

All right, let’s get down to business. Folks, if you haven’t hiked Eagle Crags Trail before, you need to. This is surely one of the most singular and unique hikes within Zion National Park. Located inside the desert lowlands section of the Park, this one is what you would call “off the beaten trail.”Trailhead access requires specific directions executed with a four-wheel drive vehicle, but those who take this short off-road detour are richly rewarded. The Eagle Crags Trail is certainly suitable for all family members but save the very little ones. The trail’s length is approximately 2.8 miles one way and (round trip) should take somewhere between 3-5 hours to complete. Overall the hike is undemanding and simple to follow, taking you through thirsty desert regions while providing breathtaking glimpses of the mouths of Zion and Parunuweap Canyons, winding up at the base of the beautiful Eagle Crag formations. When you reach the trail’s end, take in your surroundings while hunkering down on one of the many large rocks and boulders while you enjoy the lunch you brought. After a little desert siesta, make your way back the way you came and experience the beauty all over again but with the sun in a different position, rendering what should be familiar incredible all over again. Winning.

Note: This trail takes you through an actual desert, so depending on the season and the weather perhaps start early and get a head start on the sun.

For further information about Eagle Crags Trail, including specific information on trailhead access, directions and an amazing photo journal, click here for Joe’s Guide to Zion by Joe Braun Photography

Next we want to give the first of this week’s two nods of acknowledgement to the literal life experts at Zion Guru. This crew is killing it week in and week out, promoting and serving the majestic beauty of Zion National Park and the surrounding areas by outfitting, touring, shuttling, and educating their patrons to the absolute highest standard, all the while maintaining their mission of doing so with the conservation of and connection to nature as their top priority. This group provides a very rare and unforgettable way of experiencing Zion that should not be overlooked. The link to their site:

The second nod goes to the one and only Oscar’s Café. Really we could just direct you to Oscar’s Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google reviews and say no more, being that they’re close to perfect on all accounts from an aggregate of almost 5,000 glowing reviews (no, we did not make that up); but…actually…I think we will leave it at that. I mean that’s just ridiculous. These guys are wizards in the kitchen. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, is so good! Open daily for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Their burgers are famous, the huevos rancheros for breakfast are epic, the chips, guacomole, and salsa app is mouthwatering, and the fish tacos are amazing to name just a few favorites. Check out their menu in advance before you go by clicking here:

A quick recap of this week’s recommendations: 1) Check out all the details, maps, and photos at Joe’s Guide to Zion 2) Stop in to Zion Guru to make sure you’re properly outfitted for your daily adventure 3) Hit the Eagle Crags trail for an epic day hike experience like no other 5) Cap it off with a great meal at Oscar’s Cafe 6) Make sure to stop by the Springdale and Zion Canyon Visitor Center and tell us all about it! Thank you again for connecting with us via our weekly blog. As the Springdale and Zion Canyon Visitor Center, we salute you!


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