Zion Ponderosa: Where Zion National Park Touches the Sky

Jul 19, 2017

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Zion Ponderosa: Where Zion National Park Touches the Sky

Only 5 miles beyond Zion National Park’s east entrance lies one of Southern Utah’s most magical and surprisingly discreet locations. On top of a forested plateau and nestled right up against the boundary of the Park, Zion Ponderosa is a premier ranch resort that utilizes a majestic area of approximately 4,000 acres in masterfully spectacular fashion. Offering an alternate lodging option outside of Springdale (where most Zion-goers stay) but is still virtually right next to the Park, Zion Ponderosa is a wonder. Anyone who’s stayed there can attest. Here’s why.

The quality and quantity of activity options on the premises are astounding

Zion Ponderosa likely has more activities available to its guests than any other resort in America and was voted one of America’s 6 best resorts by the U.S. News & World Report in April 2017. And they certainly aren’t sacrificing quality for quantity; quite the contrary. Here’s a taste of what can be done at Zion Ponderosa. Some of the free activities include access to deluxe tennis and basketball courts, resort style swimming pool with rock slides, and two jacuzzis. Some paid-to-play options include jeep and ATV tours, horseback riding, biplane, zip-line, climbing wall, paint ball, rifle shooting, miniature golf, canyoneering, and guided hiking.

Many different lodging options make Zion Ponderosa extremely unique

There are 8 types of lodging on the property including tented camping, an RV park, glamping, two types of covered wagon-style cabins, and cowboy cabins (no bathrooms). All cabin suites have bathrooms, living rooms, separate bedrooms, and kitchenettes. There are also 27 vacation homes (4 and 5-star quality) available, some of which sleep 30 people comfortably.

The beauty of the area is as stunning as anything in Southern Utah

Some consider the sprawling acres of juniper and ponderosa pines that make up this secluded ranch resort, coupled with the grandeur of Zion National Park, THE most beautiful section of Southern Utah. On top of that, it’s a veritable wildlife corridor; mule deer (pass through in the spring), mountain lions, bobcats, wild turkeys, and more.

Amazing location

Zion Ponderosa makes marvelous use of its incredible location. Many of Zion National Park’s slot canyons are right on the edge of the property, adding the great convenience of gaining exclusive Park access from the grounds. Ponderosa guides offer guided hikes through Zion’s main canyon.

Additional amenities

There are multiple dining options available at Zion Ponderosa – all delicious – that can satisfy you during all three meals of the day that include a full restaurant, a full drink bar/coffee shop, a lunchtime patio grill, and even a poolside grill.

Meaningful memories

But even with all the amenities and accommodations they offer, the singular and most special aspect of Zion Ponderosa is intangible; a lingering and almost holistic feeling of connection to the world around you. The creators and staff of Zion Ponderosa cultivate an environment of recognition of and respect for the natural world, expertly facilitating a unique, personal, and extraordinary experience where all of their guests can tap into a sublime state of being.


Those who’ve been there before, let this article remind you of that unforgettable weekend. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, hopefully, the seed has now been planted. Whether you book your stay for a family reunion, corporate retreat, educational group, or a traditional trip to Zion National Park, you’ll be on your way to creating your own Zion Ponderosa memories to treasure forever. Visit ZionPonderosa.com today!


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