Things To Do On Your Zion Canyon Vacation

Nov 27, 2018

Things To Do On Your Zion Canyon Vacation

Utah’s five “mighty” national parks are not only the geologist’s paradise but also are a tourist’s dream vacation.  Millions of vacationers every year to see unique rock formations, hike scenic trails, and experience the serenity of vast, other-worldly views.  The most visited of the Utah parks is Zion, standing proudly in Southern Utah adjacent to the charming town of Springdale, Utah. This article presents some popular things to do on your Zion Canyon vacation.

Because of the popularity of Zion National Park, be sure to book reservations well in advance to stay in one of the hotels or vacation rentals surrounding Zion.  There are many lodging choices in Springdale, one inside the Park, and several others within 45 minutes’ drive. If you want quick access to Zion’s entrance, Springdale hotels are the ticket.  You can select a well-known national chain, such as Holiday Inn Express or Super 8, or book any of the several, one-of-a-kind Springdale hotels for a unique and classy experience.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

For vacationers who want a greater variety of things to do on their Zion Canyon vacation than taking the many beautiful hikes in Zion Park, the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is less than 40 minutes away.  It features horseback riding, rappelling, zip-lining, miniature golf, paintball, shotgun range, Jeep tours, bungee trampoline, well, you get the idea.  Your kids will love it! You can stay in one of Ponderosa’s cowboy cabins, or bring your RV to the campgrounds.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is the third most visited in the USA because of its awesome towers of rock, colorful scenery, and abundance of hiking trails.   The trails cater to people of all ages and fitness levels; some hikes are mild and short, good for elders and children, while others are moderate or strenuous for the brave and fit.

 One of the most famous hikes for the courageous is Angel’s Landing. It’s roughly five miles round trip and climaxes on a narrow ridge with death looming over the edge. A railing of chains is installed along the cliffs to keep you safe.  And the view from there is spectacular! For less strenuous hikes, take the trails to the upper or lower Emerald Pools, where you’ll see colorful waterfalls and pools set against the backdrop of red sandstone. Be sure to read the social, historical, and geologic information inside the Zion Visitors Center to help you appreciate more your Zion Canyon vacation.


While you’re not sightseeing or hiking, you gotta eat.  Springdale is full of tasty eateries: Mexican, gourmet coffee shops, bistros, American, Italian, and even seafood.  From classy, fine dining to fast food, you’ll find it in Springdale. Some recipes are traditional from the local residents, and others are brought into Springdale from chefs in California.  Later, when you recall your Zion Canyon vacation, you’ll fondly remember the delicious cuisine.

Bryce Canyon

If Zion isn’t enough for you, and you have more time, you can drive 90 minutes to Bryce National Park.  Bryce is unique for its hoodoos. What are hoodoos? They are vertical statues of “aliens,” sculpted of red sandstone by centuries of wind and water.  You’ll think you fell asleep long enough for the driver of your car to turn on the rocket boosters and jet you to Mars. Hike to Queen Victoria’s Garden, where the oranges and greens pop and where you’ll see the rock formation that resembles the face of Queen Victoria, the feature’s namesake.

So, for things to do on your Zion Canyon vacation, choose a special hotel, hike the trails of Zion, visit Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, visit Bryce, if you can, and eat at the variety of restaurants in Springdale, Utah.

Things To Do On Your Zion Canyon Vacation

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