Sand Hollow Golf Course

Jan 30, 2017

Sand Hollow Golf Course


Sand Hollow Golf Course has a reputation for being one the absolute best (many would argue that it is, in fact, THE best) golf course in the state of Utah. Of all the golf courses in Southern Utah, it is rated #1. 27 total holes span two separate courses located on the premises and are surrounded by the breathtaking red rock landscapes that have made Southern Utah famous.

SHGC boasts a total of three individual courses to customize any visitor’s golfing experience to their own skill level and preference. Though there are many other luxury amenities and activities that you can experience at Sand Hollow Resort, this article will focus on the golf courses, the Resort’s bread and butter.

The Championship Course

This expertly crafted course is notorious for being one of the most exceptional golf experiences in the Western United States. The scenery that encompasses the course is just unbelievable. Even if you play the best game of your life on this course, there is a very strong possibility that the thing you will be thinking about as you think back on that game is the scenery. It will blow your mind.

The surrounding environment is made up mainly of desert and red rock formations situated naturally in such a way that it defies explanation. The course is built on a large ridge line that changes elevation quite a lot, adding to its unique appeal. You have to see it to believe it. Trust me when I say that your camera will be just as valuable as anything in your golf bag when you play here. The course’s specs are as follows: 72 par, 18 holes, over 7000 yards of golf, and it’s a links course (as you may have guessed). Easy bogeys but difficult birdies make this course desirable to players of all handicaps.

The Links Course

The fairways and greens of Sand Hollow’s links course have the distinction of being the largest in all of Utah. The courses specs: 36 par and 3,600 yards. And yes, like all the courses here, the links course fuses into the surrounding terrain creating a wholly unique gold course. Also, don’t think that if you consider yourself an experienced golfer that you should pass this one by.

Sand Hollow’s links course was consciously built with old-school courses in mind. Sheep fencing along with the possibility of live- stock sightings make this a somewhat throwback golfing experience, all set amongst the desert of the South West. This will be the Sand Hollow course to play on with your whole family.

The Wee Course

If you haven’t got much time or have the little ones with you, the Wee Course is the way to go. As a short Par-3 course it’ll be perfect, and the holes are only 120 yards at their longest point; some are only 50 yards.

The Clubhouse, Practice Facilities, and More

Fine dining, conference and event spaces, casual seating areas and a Pro Shop are just a few of the things you’ll find inside the 7,000+ sq.ft. clubhouse. Purposefully situated to allow guests to gaze out at the Championship Course, you’ll find some serious luxury and relaxation in here.

The building is very modern and designed to impress. Adjacent is the practice facility that includes bunkers, greens, and other isolated teaching areas, and of course a driving range. The Sand Hollow Resort also offers golf clinics as well as lessons for groups and individuals, not to mention yearly professional and amateur tournaments where large cash prizes are awarded.


If you have already been here and experience how incredible it is, share this article with your friends and family so the wealth can be shared. If you haven’t yet golfed here, I would recommend bumping it up to the top of your golf queue.


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